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 As I Walk Down the Path

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Satoshi Erika
Satoshi Erika

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PostSubject: As I Walk Down the Path   Sun Oct 25, 2009 6:22 am

As I Walk Down the Path

As I walk down the path,
The sun shines all around me,
Its fingers reaching through the plants and trees.
New life is happening everywhere this spring.

As I walk down the path,
I reflect on my own new life,
As I stare at the little ball in my hand,
Containing my new friend and loyal partner.

As I walk down the path,
I remember receiving my new friend,
The Professor smiling as he handed me the Pokeball,
Then came more empty Pokeballs, and my new Pokedex.

As I walk down the path,
I think about what lies ahead,
The adventures and experiences we'll share,
My Bulbasaur and I, together as one.

As I walk down the path,
I ponder the wonderful world of Pokemon,
As I'll now experience it firsthand,
My Bulbasaur and I, together as one.

As I walk down the path,
I wonder if I can train the untrainable,
Discover a Pokemon nobody has yet found,
Or even just catch a glimpse of a Legendary.

As I walk down the path,
I hear a rustle in the bushes up ahead.
A Rattata pops out, and I release my Bulbasaur.
After all, you've gotta start somewhere, right?



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As I Walk Down the Path
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