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 The Black Pikachu! [ Murder ]

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Satoshi Erika
Satoshi Erika

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PostSubject: The Black Pikachu! [ Murder ]   Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:34 am

The Story Starts out at Pokemon Acadamy for the upper class men of pokemon schools ran by madame foxtrot.

It was a Friday , Crystal was leaving through the Gold House Doors ... When she heard a screech , it was a pikachu , not just any ordinary pikachu a black pikachu , so she called out her Vulpix ,This Pikachu was so agile and learned various moves , It attack Vulpix with a Mud Slap , then a Water Sport to lessen Fire attacks , So She called her Vulpix Back and Sent out ......................................... onix , pikachu used a Low kick .... then onix Dug underground , Pikachu jumped in the near by lake and used Thunder , The lakes Water , Electrified , was turned into a twister heading straight for the hole onix dug . Pikachu still in the lake , jumped out and Ran into the forest..............

The girl was safe now , she then ran to the puddle where onix was she called it back but it wouldnt go in its pokeball , it was dead ,

Then she saw Shadows around her getting closer and closer , then a Marowak , a scyther and a Golbat came to her , She sent out her .................................................Squirtle , It fought Marowak off but Syther Came and Sliced it to Fine Pieces , it was dead ( Squirtle ) now , Marowak came and Knocked the Girl Out , Scyther Sliced her , and Golbat Drank the Blood , Her last real movement was Throwing her vulpix ball in the lake

The black pikachu found the pokeball at the bottom of the lake and swam to shore and ran in the forest ...............

56 years later .........

To be continued



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The Black Pikachu! [ Murder ]
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