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PostSubject: Relationships   Relationships I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 06, 2010 7:07 am

What random relationships could you see (like, if you were thinking of a fanfiction setting/ background/ backstory/ whatever but were to lazy to write it down like me)? They don't necissairly have to be likely. And I don't mean romantic, mind you. I think there arn't enough shipping threads out there.

Elite Prima and Dr. Felina Ivy being sisters, and not just because of
Ash Ketchum and Kenta being cousins.
Leaf Green and Marina being cousins.
May and Marina being best friends before Marina moved to Johto (maybe Marina missing contests, and that's why she wants to be an "idol" rather than a pokemon master).
Kenta and Brandon being best friends.
Gary Oak and Ash Ketchum being twin brothers split as children after the divorce, thus making Delia Ketchum Gary's mother and Dr. Samuel Oak Ash's grandfather.
Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak being cousins to Molly Hale, with Delia Ketchum being sisters with Mrs. Hale.
Throwing Ritchie in there somewhere with the Ketchums, Hales, and Oaks.
Giovanni being Lance's rebellious brother.
Lance and Claire being siblings or cousins in some noble family/ clan that has it's high-ranked members wearing capes and always trains dragons.
Lance the descendant/ reincarnation of some legenary dragon trainer.
Ash being Lance's rival in their former lives.

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